Panasonic LUMIX Smart Camera DMC-CM1

Die elegante LUMIX CM1 ist eine High-End-Fotokamera mit Smartphone-Funktionalität. Ihr großer 1-Zoll-Sensor, das Leica Objektiv und der Venus Engine Bildprozessor sorgen für die hochwertige Fotoqualität und Bedienung einer

SURGE is back! Buy yours now!

After a 12 year absence, everyone’s favorite energy soda, SURGE, is back! First launched in 1996, SURGE was a hit with teens and adults alike. After a hiatus,

Nerd Raps in the Hood

Hey guys, I honestly think this may be the best video I’ve ever made. We went to the hood with a boom box and I rapped with the

MIT Robotic Cheetah

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm for bounding that they’ve successfully implemented in a robotic cheetah. (Learn more: The key to the bounding algorithm is in programming